Sunday, 12 May 2013

Made It Weekly Picks – Bling

I thought this week I would have a look through all the lovely Bling that is available from Made It and here are my picks for this week:

bling Collage

  1. Green, blue & lemon floral Vintage Earrings from Retrofied
  2. Large Funky Button Ring from Creative Craftiness
  3. Juliet Vintage Necklace from Two Cheeky Monkeys
  4. Family Tree Silver Tree of Life personalised bracelet from Kikiburra Beads
  5. Dainty, sterling silver and 14k gold filled ring from Norita Designs
  6. Polymer Clay Brooch from MDS
  7. Cookie Monster glass bottle necklace from KJP Designs
  8. Tea Brooch from The Tea Children

Why not checkout the lovely handmade bling from Made It for someone special.

Happy Shopping

Jennifer xx

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