Saturday, 5 April 2014



I have now officially integrated with Wordpress and have a new URL  Would love for you to head on over and start following the new blog.  Thanks so much for following me here at Blogger.



Jennifer xx


Friday, 4 April 2014

New blog

Hello my lovely’s well I have finally managed to import from blogger to wordpress and I must say I am pretty happy so far with how the blog looks. Would love for you to head on over and follow the new blog!!! 

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014



Hello my lovely followers, just wanted to let you know that I am currently looking at changing my blog from blogger to wordpress.  I am looking for something new and fresh and with Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs getting really busy I am wanting to share more of behind the scenes and my works in progress.

As I have also mentioned I am looking to start up my newsletter again but fortnightly which will include special deals for subscribers and much more. 

So please bare with me during this upgrade period and I look forward to seeing you on the new updated blog.

Jennifer xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Potty Training


We are still potting training at our house.  It’s funny my girls were well and truly potty trained before they were 2 but my little man seems to be taking a little longer it’s not so much the number 1’s but the number 2’s lol. 

So on Friday night I decided to make him a potty training liner for his car seat.  I drafted the pattern at first so that it could be used as a liner for any seating eg, pram/stroller, high chair but as we no longer use either of this in our house I just made an anchor point that the car seat buckle can go through.


There are only 3 layers to the liner, top is cotton fabric, in the middle is a layer of absorbent padding and the bottom is PUL fabric (waterproof).


Over the next week I will be making more liners and uploading them to my stores for $15 plus postage.  Custom orders are also welcome. 


Jennifer xx

New bunny softie sets

Have you seen my new felt/fabric bunny with matching beanie and bootie set that is now available in my Made It store.  I just love how this little guy has turned out.  Have been thinking about this one for a while and after using the Ric Rac Rabbit fabric for my raffle donation I just had to finally make it.
ric rac rabbit easter bunny beanie booty set Collage
I will have limited custom spots available, just pop us an email with colours, sizing etc and I can see what I can do for you.
I also have the Ric Rac Rabbit in a quilting panel so keep an eye out for that set too.

Jennifer xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

High Tea for the Farmers



The lovely Kylie Addy from Kaddy Photography is holding a High Tea on 30th March to help raise money for our many farmers effected by the drought.  My mother and I are going and can’t wait to enjoy a lovely morning tea as well as meeting other lovely people supporting the cause.


I have also donated a gift basket full of lovely goodies for a raffle that will also be happening to raise more money.  In the basket is a pram liner, baby trolley capsule liner, nappy wallet with hand sanitiser holder and bib and matching burp cloth. 


All these lovely goodies are in a coordinating fabric basket that can be used in a little one’s room and will fit the large wipes container and nappies.


Hope to have these available to purchase in my shops.  So stay tuned!!

Jennifer xx


Friday, 14 March 2014

Pram/stroller bumper bar covers


I recently had a lovely customer request a bumper bar cover for her pram and now they will be available in the Made It and Etsy stores.

black and white chevron pram liner seatbelt covers bumper bar cover

Just pop us an email to see if one is available when purchasing a pram liner already available in store!


Jennifer xx



Thursday, 13 March 2014

Nappy bag combo


If you are following me on Facebook and Instagram you will have seen that I have been working on a nappy bag combo soon to be released. 

I have made a prototype that I plan on using for myself (new crochet bag) so the fabric is a bit daggy. 

20140314 1665

The bag will be 16 inches wide x 14 inches high with a depth of 5 inches.  Inside the bag has 4 large pockets plus one small pocket that has insulation for a baby bottle or water bottle.  On the outside of the bag there will be a zipper pocket big enough for you to place a mobile phone, keys etc.

20140314 1668

At the moment I have some lovely large magnetic closures that I am planning on using so that you have easy access to the inside of the bag.

20140314 1669

The strap for the bag will be 50 inches long but adjustable with padding for where the bag hangs on your shoulder.  All bags will come with a matching nappy wallet and a change mat.

Would love to know your thoughts.


Jennifer xx


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Monday, 6 January 2014

Scrap Buster – Ice Lollie covers


It’s hot weather seaon here and time for some yummy ice lollies but we seem to have misplaced the ice lollie covers that are suppose to be in the freezer, you know the one’s that are made out of wetsuit material kinda stuff.  You can usually pick up a 2 pack at the supermarket.

Well I couldn’t find any so what else is there to do but make your own and it’s a great way to use up your scrap material that you have lying around.  I happened to have some odd pieces of PUL (Polyurethane laminate or waterproof material) but you can just use 2 layers of cotton fabric or even felt as they are just to stop the kiddies fingers getting cold.

So first off cut out 2 pieces of fabric that measure 3.75 inches by 4.5 inches and with right sides of the fabric facing each other sew around 3 sides.

DSC00051 DSC00052

Now turn the fabric out the right way, fold in half so that the fabric you want to be on the outside is facing each other and pin like so:

DSC00053 DSC00054

I used a zigzag stitch to close sew the 2 sides together but you can also straight stitch or use an overlocker.  Turn right side out and there you have it.  Only takes under 5 mins to make.

DSC00058 DSC00059

I have my niece over at the moment for school holiday sleepover so I ended up making 4. 



Have you got any great ideas for using up your fabric scraps? Would love for you to share over at my Facebook page!

Jennifer xx


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Baby Jogger City Mini


Just before Christmas I had a lovely lady ask if my pram liners were suitable for the Baby Jogger City Mini. These prams fold from the seat via a clasp that you pull up so there needs to be to holes for the strap to feed through so that you are not reaching under the liner to do this.

baby jogger city mini pram liner custom order pull strap

After the customer provided a picture with measurements I was able to draft and make a custom liner for her.  I love the fabric that she has chosen its so cute and a little bit vintage.

baby jogger city mini pram liner custom order

So if you are looking for a liner for your Baby Jogger City Mini they are now available at Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs.

Jennifer xx